Find Your FoodPrint and Make Sustainable Decisions about Food

October 29th, 2018

We can all do our part to help fight climate change. The food we eat is actually a major contributor to global warming, and Meatless Monday is a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to achieve a more sustainable diet. To help you make the most informed choices about your food, we’re happy to tell you about, a new website that offers tips and resources for lowering your “foodprint”: all the processes that are required to get your food to your plate, and the impact these processes have on the environment, animals, and people.

The site is full of information about how to shop, cook and eat more sustainably. And if you’d like to dig deeper, it also has tons of information on industrial food production — from its climate impacts to animal welfare to public health implications — and the benefits of more sustainable practices.

Find your foodprint and find out how you can eat and shop more sustainably by taking their quiz.

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