Flex Your Meatless Muscle

January 16th, 2012

Trying to commit to an active lifestyle? A select group of bodybuilders demonstrate how meatless meals can help your workout and your health.

vegetable protein strongman

Vegan bodybuilders are pushing past the stereotypes of “meatheads” and chemicals by using plants to pack on muscle. Jimi Sitko is an award winning athlete who says he cut out meat to improve his diet and health:

“My diet has helped a lot in my workout in that I have a lot of sustained energy throughout… I can actually go a lot longer with the same intensity or even more intensity without getting lethargic.”

Sitko is one of over 5,000 bodybuilders who use fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains to fuel their fitness regime. Plant-based nutritionists note that these vegan athletes can get the same amount of protein as their competitors while consuming less fat and toxins. Being a bodybuilder though, Sitko’s diet is anything but average: he consumes about 4,000 calories a day almost 200 grams of protein!

Most of us don’t need to eat like an athlete to stick to our fitness goals. Meatless Monday meals can carry all the nutrients you need to have an effective workout. Try these plant-based foods to start your week with an extra boost of protein, fiber and vitamins: