A Food Blogger’s Best Friend

November 2nd, 2009

foodista_144pxIn an ever-changing world of new cooking techniques, cuisines and gadgets, how’s a foodie to keep up with it all? Constantly evolving and user-fueled, Foodista is the ideal resource for today’s fast-changing culinary landscape. That’s why we’re proud Foodista is now going meatless every Monday.

To describe Foodista as the Wikipedia for recipes is to sell it short. User submitted recipes are indeed plentiful, but definitions of cooking tools, serving styles, preparation methods, techniques and cooking lingo satiate the appetite of even the truly food-obsessed. The bottom navigation reads: “Explore Tools. Explore Techniques. Explore Recipes. Explore Food.’ Yes. Yes. 1000 times yes!

Foodista is a resource for any food blogger. Chock-full of ingredient and equipment explanations, foodista also offers a recipe writing guide to help members create written recipes. Quality is valued over quantity as users are encouraged to edit and perfect existing recipes instead of making duplicates. Members are advised to title their recipe by what makes their dish unique – resulting in better recipe browsing.

Once a blogger has submitted a recipe, or an equipment definition, or an ingredient description, they have the option of linking to their blog with a provided widget. Foodista explores these links and features a Cool Site of the Day, spreading the web traffic love. With a blog roll of 5559 and counting, not only is Foodista an informative cooking hub, it points readers to other great resources and websites.


Whether you’re an amateur admirer from afar or a cooking aficionado, Foodista organizes events and contests for all levels of food worship. Foodista encourages its members to exchange recipes by organizing events and contests. Their Food Snap photography contest features beautiful photos, like cupcakes sculpted in the shape of delicate flowers. For the innovative cook, Foodista has an Ingredient of the Day contest and encourages members to submit recipes based on an in-season fruit or veggie. Or for the die-hard blogger, Foodista steps beyond cyberspace with the International Food Blogger Conference to help foodies connect outside of the blogosphere. 100’s of bloggers mingling in a room together, face-to-face and away from the computer screen. Let’s just hope they use a good caterer.