Franciscan Center feeds body & soul with MM

October 4th, 2010

The Franciscan Center of Baltimore has been providing emergency aid and outreach to their community since 1968. Last week, the center transcended their already tireless dedication to the city’s poor by instating Healthy, Meatless Monday meals. Now clients of the Franciscan Center will have access to the delicious, healthful food that they so desperately need.

The goal of the new Healthy Monday program is to promote sound food choices among clients who many not otherwise have knowledge of, or access to, nutritious options. “The Franciscan Center wants to show that providing a large variety of high quality foods for Baltimore’s hungry not only promotes dignity among its clients but it could also improve their health”.

The center’s efforts began with a launch event last week, where volunteers from Baltimore Food and Faith and members of the Johns Hopkins Healthy Monday project joined forces and rolled up their sleeves in the community kitchen. Meatless Monday supporter and recent cookbook author Kim O’Donnel then stepped in, teaching the participants how to prepare the meals that would be served later that day. Meatless Monday options will be featured each week and the launch included homemade manicotti and a side of fresh green beans with Szechuan sauce, sesame and fresh tomato. Edward McNally, Executive director of The Franciscan Center, offered his thanks to everyone involved:

“As you know, the work of bringing healthy food into the city of Baltimore is not easy, but it is important. Many of our clients live with some of life’s most challenging circumstances… Being able to offer to people a meal option that is both healthy and enjoyable is dignified and dignifying. I also know it is truly nourishing for body, mind and soul.”

Healthy, Meatless Monday meals will continue each week at The Franciscan Center. Video of the event is available on the center’s Facebook page.