Lean Into Quantum Wellness

July 13th, 2009

Quantum Wellness
by Kathy Freston
Weinstein Books
282 pgs, May 2008

"Quantum wellness is not about imposing big changes but about leaning into wellness, comfortably, adding things here and there’.’ New York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston has a new book, The Quantum Wellness Cleanse, outlining her 21-day cleansing routine. But it’s her earlier work, Quantum Wellness, that gets to the heart of why we should all go meatless on Monday.

Kathy defines "Quantum Wellness’ as a holistic approach to health that incorporates – and links – mind, body and spirit. She’s developed eight Pillars of Wellness – Meditation, Visualization, Fun Activities, Conscious Eating, Exercise, Self-Work, Spiritual Practice and Service – that add up to a healthy existence.

Conscious Eating is, in her opinion, the primary pillar. It’s about staying aware of where our food comes from, how the animals are treated, and how the environment is affected by the foods we eat. Kathy is a vegan, but is quick to state we all move at different speeds, have different histories and are at different stages of our lives. However a simple change we can all make is to cut back on meat one day a week. The benefits are clearly enumerated (and also found throughout this site). Kathy’s contention is that once we’re okay with one day, we can increase it to two then three and so on if we feel compelled.

All that said, what we like about Quantum Wellness is Kathy doesn’t prescribe a strict start or end point to the journey. You’ll find tips, information, warm and quirky anecdotes but not hard-and-fast rules. Her goal is to expand and advance not limit. Whatever page you turn to, whether it’s balancing energy, starting meditation, dealing with crises, the actions are grounded in small, manageable steps. Incremental change helps create larger change – the kind we were looking for from the very beginning.

Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil and other wellness luminaries have endorsed this book, and we firmly place ourselves on that list. Health is something we’re all personally responsible for. By taking on small changes like cutting meat once a week, we can move ourselves – and the planet – one step closer to true wellness.