Get the Beef Off Your Buns with New Monday Burger Cookbook

December 10th, 2012

There’s no question America loves burgers– we munch 48 billion of them every year (more than 923 million per week!). But is there a way to enjoy them and have our health too? You can reduce your saturated fat intake and environmental impact by enjoying a healthful meatless Monday Burger each week!

If everyone in the U.S. replaced just one hamburger a week with a Monday Burger, we’d devour 134 million fewer beef burgers every week. That’s 898 million less pounds of feed and 7 billion gallons of water saved!

Our Monday Burger e-cookbook is now available via free, downloadable PDF! We asked nutrition professionals, food bloggers and fans of the Meatless Monday movement to share their favorite Monday Burger ideas. Our new cookbook showcases the top 10 meatless burger submissions so you can start the week with an easy, healthy meal that the whole family will enjoy. Recipes include everything from delicious veggie burgers to protein-packed bean burgers, with allergen and dairy free options available.

The Cost of a Quarter-Pounder (NPR)

Why try a Monday Burger? An average quarter-pound beef burger contains 31% of the recommended daily limit for saturated fat, and too much saturated fat has been linked to diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and other preventable conditions. What’s more, the average quarter-pounder requires almost 27 times its weight in livestock feed, 143 billion Btus of fossil fuel energy and over 52 gallons of water (or 6,758 8oz glasses) to produce.

So click here to sample some of our favorite meatless burger ideas! Whether you prefer a veggie, grain or bean-based burger, the new Monday Burger e-cookbook has the perfect recipe for you.