Plant the Seed: Grow Your Own Veggies for Meatless Monday

April 24th, 2017


There’s nothing like the vibrant, sweet taste of vegetables fresh picked from your own garden. And now’s the perfect time to get started. Whether it’s a window box herb garden or a tilled backyard plot, growing your own veggies is deliciously satisfying. So let’s dig in and get our hands dirty.

Find Your Sunny Side. Vegetables love sun, at least six hours of direct sun each day. The more sunlight they soak up, the bigger the harvest – and the more flavorful the harvest!

Dark, Rich Soil. Consider using commercial potting soil or enrich the dirt yourself using compost. Keep the soil loose and loamy so the plants can easily root.

Go to Seed. It’s always worth springing for high-quality seed. Do a little online research to see which companies have good customer reviews. Quality seed delivers better quality results – in abundance and taste.

Plot Your Garden Size. If it’s your first garden, 16×10 feet is a manageable size and is large enough to grow vegetables for a family of four for the summer. Live in the city? Don’t feel left out. Try growing fresh herbs in a window box or pot.

Water, Weeds and Bugs. Luckily, plants aren’t overly needy. Just a little bit of water and plenty of sun keeps them happy. Make watering a regular part of your routine and sprinkle just enough so the top soil stays moist. Lastly, keep an eye out for weeds or insects that could harm your crop. Other than that, sit back and enjoy watching them sprout and grow.


What and When to Plant in your Area

Learn which veggies will thrive in your climate and when to plant to plant them – not to mention when they’ll be ripe for harvest. You’ll find the answers on this list of local state cooperative extensions. Year after year, the popular planting choices are tomatoes, zucchini squash, peppers, beets and carrots.


Want Fresh, ‘In Season’ Veggies without Gardening?

This online Seasonal Food Guide has got you covered. Just enter your state and you’ll find out what’s being picked right now – perfect for knowing what to expect at your local farmer’s market. You can also select the produce items you like and learn when they’re in season. Use this guide to plan your Meatless Monday recipes with fresh ingredients that are at the peak of flavor. And speaking of recipes, here’s one of our Meatless Monday springtime favorites. Enjoy!

Zucchini Boats by David Burke