Healthier Fast Food

April 30th, 2009

Every day, 1 out of 4 adults and 1 out of 3 kids eat something from a fast food restaurant High in calories, loaded with salt and fat, short on vitamins and minerals, fast food may be quick, but it’s often light on basic nutrition.

Here are a few tips to help you find a good meal in the fast lane:

  • DON’T SUPERSIZE. Order small or half-sized sandwiches. Skip burgers with multiple patties. A double or triple burger sandwiches can sometimes exceed the total recommended daily allowance of fat and calories.
  • CHOOSE SIDES WISELY. Skip the fries and onion rings in favor of side salads with low-fat dressing, a baked potato, a fruit bowl, apple slices, or baked potato chips.
  • GO GREEN. Choose a large entrĂ©e salad with garden vegetables and skip the “crispy” toppers like , croutons or fried onions. Get low-fat dressing on the side.
  • PICK GRILLED OR ROASTED. Breaded and fried foods are high in fat and calories.
  • HAVE IT YOUR WAY. Don’t hesitate to ask for healthier substitutions. Ask for low-fat mayonnaise or mustard on your sandwich.
  • WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK. Sodas, sweet teas, and sugary, creamy coffee drinks add empty calories. Stick to water, unsweetened iced tea or diet soda. Pass on shakes. They can fill you up with more than your daily recommended allowance of fat.
  • EAT SLOWLY. Take time to enjoy your food and feel when your body is satisfied, then stop eating. No need to finish whole portions.