Eating on the Road

April 30th, 2009

Eating right is hard enough on its own, but trying to maintain a healthy diet on a road trip is an even bigger challenge.

With fast food restaurants on every corner, it’s all too easy to give in to junk, especially when traveling with kids.

We consume some 20 percent of all meals in cars, so the results of unhealthy eating on the road can really add up.

Fortunately, a little preparation goes along way. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy on the highway:

  • SET AND STICK TO A MEALTIME SCHEDULE. If you’re going on a hike, plan and pack a lunch and enough snacks to get you through it.
  • BRING A COOLER FOR PERISHABLES. Eggs and dairy are especially susceptible to spoiling on a long summer road trip.
  • AVOID PLACES THAT SMELL LIKE FRIES FROM MILES AWAY. Instead, stop at sandwich shops, delis and grocery stores where healthier options live.
  • KEEP A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE NEARBY. If you find yourself getting hungry between mealtimes, fill up on a few sips of water to wait out the urge.
  • PACK SNACKS. Take dried fruit and nut mixes along for the ride.
  • STAY ENTERTAINED. Play games, sing, listen to music, audio books or talk radio. Staying entertained will help keep your mind off of food.
  • AVOID GAS STATION CONVENIENCE. Bypass the chips and sodas, when you fill up on gas.
  • STOP AT FARM STANDS. There’s nothing better than fresh fruits or veggies straight from the farm.
  • WATCH WHAT YOU DRINK. Sodas and sticky-sweet coffee concoctions fill you up with empty calories. Stick to water, unsweetened tea or diet soda.
  • HAVE IT WRAPPED. Instead of burgers or fatty meat sandwiches, try a wrap stuffed with grilled veggies or hummus. They’re easy to eat without making a mess.