The Huffington Post Posts Meatless Monday Feature

April 19th, 2010

This past week, The Huffington Post launched its newest section. HuffPost Food investigates everything edible, from fine cuisine to KFC’s newest concoction. Given the breath of topics covered, we were delighted when The Huffington Post decided to include Meatless Monday! HuffPost Food will feature regular Meatless Monday articles and recipes, making it easier than ever to have delicious, healthful eats each week.


Meatless Monday was on the roster for the very first edition of HuffPost Food. The article discusses the health benefits of going meatless and showcases some of our most exceptional recipes. Future Meatless Monday articles will include additional slideshows filled with delicious foods, along with nutrition tips and news surrounding the growing movement.

We’d like to congratulate The Huffington Post on its tasty new addition and thank them for spreading the word about Meatless Monday! Be sure to check out HuffPost Food, and stay tuned for more tips and recipes to help you start your week on a healthy note!