HungryRoot Makes Meatless Cooking Quick, Easy, and Tasty

December 6th, 2015

Going Meatless on Mondays just got even easier.
HungryRoot is making it quick and easy to get meatless, nutritious, and deliciously craveable meals on the table. How? By making vegetable pasta meals with quality ingredients in gourmet combinations – all available online, fresh-packed and ready to ship!

Meatless HungryRoot Meals

Chef Franklin Becker took time out of is busy schedule to discuss HungryRoot and The Little Beet and The Little Beet Table restaurants in New York City. “Vegetables are at the core of both businesses,” Chef Franklin told Meatless Monday. His primary focus is “highlighting and accentuating the best of each vegetable.”

“People look at vegetables and think they’re going to be boring, and it’s not the case – they don’t have to be boring! They have natural sugars and natural flavor, they’re anything but boring!” – Chef Franklin Becker

HungryRoot meals are know for being craveable comfort food that’s good for you – but what makes a meatless meal craveable? “A combination of heartiness, familiarity, and umami,” he told Meatless Monday, “Take those three things together and you can create a craveable meal.”

HungryRoot Meals in Packaging

Chef Franklin explained that “vegetables working together to create flavor are extremely flavorful and homey” and that it’s the vegetables in meaty dishes that give them the tastes we love. Combining vegetables and spices together without meats can give you a meal that is much healthier and every bit as delicious.

“There’s a problem with the association of meats and animal products with the idea of comfort food. People don’t look at vegetables as comforting, but they are! Even when you look at Irish stew or beef bourguignon, it’s the vegetables that are flavoring those meat dishes and making them craveable.” – Chef Franklin Becker

At HungryRoot, careful vegetable selection and recipe testing are crucial – not just for nutrition and flavor, but also for ease of use. HungryRoot meals are created using popular, hearty vegetables that hold up well to the packing, shipping, and home preparation process. Sturdy vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, rutabagas, and carrots fit the bill and come together in his recipes to make easy, delicious, and healthy meals.

“I wouldn’t call us [HungryRoot] disruptive, I would call us a necessity that people didn’t know they needed. We help people realize “Hey, that is what I was missing!’ I think that’s what were about – we’re showing how good it can be.” – Chef Franklin Becker

Putting vegetables at the center of the plate was an easy choice for Chef Franklin, he told Meatless Monday. By dining on meatless meals that are rich in nutritious vegetables, “You’re getting everything you need… you can get just as much nutrition as you can from meat. Plus the versatility of vegetables means you can do more with them.”

HungryRoot 20 Percent Off

How can you get your hands on some delicious HungryRoot meals? The meals are available in select grocery stores now, but the quickest and easiest way to check out a HungryRoot meal from the comfort of your own kitchen is to order one – Meatless Monday readers even get 20% off when using the code Meatless20 at check out, for a limited time only!