Japanese Ivies Grow Monday Movement

May 31st, 2010

Veggie Monday in Japan
On April 26th, Japan became the latest country to embrace the growing Meatless Monday movement! Students at four of Japan’s Ivy League colleges – Keio University, Waseda University, Hosei University and Rikkyo University – are hosting monthly ‘Veggie Monday’ parties to encourage the country to try more plant-based options.

Veggie Mondays began at Keio University. Students and supporters met at a local restaurant to share meatless dishes and learn more about plant-based options. Since then, Veggie Monday parties have spread to three more Universities. Party-goers are impressed when they discover how delicious plant-based options can be and often invite friends to come to the next event.

The word has moved beyond parties as well! Some students are taking action on campus, making their Universities aware of the growing interest in plant-based options. Veggie Monday was also featured at Japan’s Veggie Festival in Kyoto, where attendees expressed excitement over the campaign.

Congratulations to Japan for increasing awareness about the value of meatless meals! Stay tuned for further updates on the nation’s developing Monday movement.