K-12 News: 95 School Districts and 15 Brooklyn Public Schools Join Meatless Monday

September 10th, 2018

Students heading back to school will see big changes in the dining hall on Mondays. In two separate forward-thinking initiatives, Meatless Monday is launching in 95 school districts in the northeastern U.S. and in 15 schools in Brooklyn, New York. Students and staff will learn about the benefits of choosing a plant-based meal on Mondays.

These exciting success stories might inspire you to get Meatless Monday going in your school! See how easy it is!


Students Ask for Big Changes!

One of the largest food service companies in the country turned to Meatless Monday for support after being prompted by student surveys requesting more vegetarian and vegan menu options. Whitsons Culinary Group made the notable decision to start each week offering meatless, plant-based options in all 95 school districts they service in the Northeast.

More Big News!

New York City boasts the largest public school system in the world, and 15 public schools in Brooklyn are proud to be offering Meatless Monday this school year. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the initiative last year and it was supported by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

To help promote these initiatives, Meatless Monday provided a full range of free resources (available for free and for all to use) including posters, stickers, displays, and staff guides.

Meatless Monday is thrilled to be part of these distinguishing initiatives to bring wholesome, plant-based meals to K-12 students. We’re one step closer to a healthier and stronger planet when we reduce meat consumption one day a week.

Get Meatless Monday started at your school now by becoming a Meatless Monday Ambassador! We have all the resources and tools you need to get started on our Meatless Monday K-12 page.

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