Disney Star Laura Marano Endorses Meatless Monday

January 20th, 2014


Austin & Ally’s Marano with costar Ross Lynch.

Laura Marano has joined the growing cadre of young celebrities who are going meatless on Monday. The actress, who stars in the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally, recently contributed a photo and video shoot in support of a new campaign from The Humane Society that champions Meatless Monday. The campaign, which will distribute thousands of posters to schools around the country, seeks to spread the word about the many benefits of forgoing meat once a week.

In her show Austin & Ally, Marano portrays teenage songwriter Ally Dawson, whose introversion and extreme stage fright hamper her popularity at school.

But in real life Marano commands an adoring audience of fans and has leveraged her position to promote what she feels is a worthy cause.

Marano says that she wants her fans to know Meatless Monday is a simple and effective way to help animals, go green, reduce food waste, and become healthier. She joins the ranks of such stars as Paul Wesley, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Bella Thorne, Ian Somerhalder, Kristen Bell, and Kaley Cuoco.