Less Meat, More Water — Earth Day Math

April 4th, 2016


April 22 is Earth Day – a worldwide celebration for the planet and a time to reflect on how we can support sustainability – individually and collectively. Want to help the Earth survive? You could choose between … not gulping down that quarter pounder one day a week OR not showering for 30 days. They take the same amount of water. Here’s why.

It takes a hunk of water to raise cattle. Eighty percent of farmed beef is raised in pasture for about a year, then fed for three to six months with feed made from corn and soy. To grow just one pound of corn, you need 147 gallons of water, and a steer or heifer can gorge about 1,000 pounds or more of feed in that time. That equals about 140,000 bathtubs of water – per ton of animal! And don’t forget the transport. It takes water to produce transportation fuels – about ¾ gallon of H2O for the gas to drive one mile. When you transport meals across country, or around the world, the water adds up fast.

Reality is, by adopting and giving up meat once a week, you can make a big impact on the Earth’s clean water supply.