Meatless on the Mediterranean: Louis Hotels Launches Meatless Monday

June 3rd, 2013


20130528_183145_resizedLouis Hotels, the company behind a chain of 19 four- and five-star hotels throughout the beautiful islands of Greece and Cyprus, is now a proud member of the global Meatless Monday movement. The hotel group launched Meatless Monday as part of its Sustainability Policy, the goal of which is to confront climate change and other environmental challenges head on.

In an announcement, Louis Hotels said it had adopted Meatless Monday to “educate our guests about the impacts of their food choices on the environment, without however reducing the quantity, quality and variety of our meat-based dishes.” The management also promised “that those who wish to adopt the Meatless Monday campaign during their stay will be able to do so in a creative, tasty and stomach-filling way.” (As the pictures on this page show, hotel chefs have abundantly fulfilled that promise!)

Louis Hotels joins other forward-thinking, health and environmentally-conscious hotels that have gone Meatless Monday for their customers’ health and the health of the planet, including Seattle’s Silver Cloud Hotel and its restaurant Jimmy’s On Broadway.


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