Make Healthy Eating Part of the New School Year

August 28th, 2018

Get a healthy start to the school year with Meatless Monday! Join the hundreds of schools that are adding Meatless Monday to their menus and making a positive difference for the health of their students and the health of the planet.

What is Meatless Monday?

Meatless Monday is an international movement practiced by millions, promoting the health and environmental benefits of skipping meat one day a week. We offer all of the tools and resources you need to get the movement going in your school – FREE!

You don’t have to stop serving meat in your cafeteria. Simply give people more choices featuring plant-based foods.

Meatless Monday is good for all of us, because it:

★ Promotes healthier food choices, helps fight disease, and reduces the risk of diabetes

★ Helps reduce greenhouse gases, protect air quality, and conserve land and water

★ Empowers kids and their parents to make conscious decisions about the food they eat

We have everything you need – Take a look now!

Get Meatless Monday going at your school today. We make it easy by giving you all the tools and resources you need, including posters, displays, digital images, and expert tips and training for Food Service staff. We even have a K-12 bulk recipe cookbook.

We’d be happy to work with you to get you started. To find out more and get step-by-step personalized help, please contact us directly at

Start the school year off right!