Meatless Monday Arrives at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital!

February 26th, 2018

The cafeterias at NewYork-Presbyterian hospital just got some exciting new menu options! Meatless Monday has officially arrived at the prestigious network of hospitals, giving the hard-working staff and visitors at the Allen, Columbia, Westchester and Cornell sites new vegetarian choices every Monday. This launch also adds NewYork-Presbyterian to the growing number of organizations participating in the global movement to reduce meat consumption and production.

Beginning today, the four participating NewYork-Presbyterian hospital cafeterias will feature new meatless meal options every Monday. The vegetarian options will be billed as daily featured specials that meet the guidelines of the hospitals’ NYPBeHealthy program. And if diners in the NewYork-Presbyterian cafeterias need any more incentive to go Meatless on Monday, those meals will also be offered at a special discount.

The launch of Meatless Monday in NewYork-Presbyterian cafeterias marks another partner in Meatless Monday’s mission to help curb the spread of preventable health conditions. Cutting out meat one day a week may lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are all associated with diets high in animal proteins. This gives the staff at NewYork-Presbyterian a great opportunity to set an example for their colleagues, patients, and families by making healthy choices for themselves!

In addition to the health benefits of choosing Meatless Monday, NewYork-Presbyterian also joins us as an ally in promoting the environmental benefits of going meatless once a week. Before implementing Meatless Monday, NewYork-Presbyterian instituted its NYPGreen program to show its employees how they can make an impact on the health of the planet. By bringing Meatless Monday to its hospital cafeterias, NewYork-Presbyterian can play an even more significant role in curbing climate change by giving diners a chance to go meatless once a week to reduce their individual carbon footprint.

If you’re interested in bringing Meatless Monday to your company, organization or school, take a look at our campaign resources and contact us here.