Meatless Monday News from Around the World

July 9th, 2018

Did you know that Meatless Monday is active around the world in over 40 countries and 20 languages – from Israel to Bhutan to New Zealand? The simple act of refraining from meat one day a week is so popular that we wanted to share the latest global news with you.

Let’s dive in and take a look!

Israel: Meatless Monday Co-Founder, Miki Haimovich, hosted the first plant-based culinary conference for over 150 corporate foodservice chefs. She also talked about her recent efforts in a new video interview on the i24 news network. Israel introduced their Meatless Monday campaign to the Arab community, making connections with leading Arab thought leaders, dietitians, and medical professionals. And, Tel Aviv University is the country’s first university to implement a Meatless Monday menu.

Bhutan: Jangsem Monday is continuing to grow and now has over 1,000 members. Founder, Karma Dendup, was recently interviewed on national TV. Watch the video here.

The Philippines: The Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines is lobbying to have their position paper, the Meatless Monday Motivational Campaign of House Bill 6311, passed into law.

New Zealand: Meat Free Monday shared a story about the country’s oldest and largest Maori meeting ground, which is cutting back on meat dishes to improve the community’s health.

United Kingdom: All 80 primary schools in Edinburgh are going meatless one day a week as part of the Meat Free Monday campaign. They’re served by Edinburgh Catering Services (ECS), which prepares 18,000 meals during the school year.

Chile: Lunes sin Carne continues to add new enthusiasts, and now has nearly 15,000 Instagram followers. See their amazing photos.

United States: Our new Plant Protein Power package just won a coveted Telly award! This new downloadable asset explains how to get your full protein each day without eating meat. The package includes educational posters, animated GIF’s, and social media graphics.

95 school districts in the Northeastern United States are going Meatless Monday this fall, served by the Whitsons Culinary Group. We’ve also started a new Meatless Monday program at New York-Presbyterian hospital for their 20,000 employees and visitors.

We’ve also formed an exciting partnership with Slow Food, which has members in 150 countries from around the world. We’re planning to launch a global Meatless Monday Ambassador program to engage their local chapters to advocate for meat reduction. Let us know if you work with a Slow Food chapter in your area or would like to get connected.


Are you interested in launching Meatless Monday in your area? Representatives from different nations are finding innovative ways to make meatless and vegetarian dishes part of their everyday culture, customs, and cuisine. You can too! Check out our free resources here to become part of the movement!

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