Meatless Monday Supports Goya’s “Can Do” Campaign to Fight Hunger

September 11th, 2017

Meatless Monday is very proud to join Goya Foods as it launches its new “Can Do” campaign. The campaign, which kicked off in June, seeks to fight hunger by matching food purchases with donations to those in need. Goya will send food donations to Feeding America for every purchase of a featured product every month. As part of the campaign, Meatless Monday will feature recipes using Goya’s “Can Do” products.

Goya’s “Can Do” campaign is part of a long-standing tradition for the Hispanic family-owned company which has always taken pride in giving back to communities.

“We have always believed in the importance of helping families in need,” said Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods. “Since my grandfather started Goya in 1936, we have worked hard to demonstrate the values we hold true to the foundation of Goya Foods and what better way to give back to our country than with the nourishment of a healthy meal.”

Goya delivers food donations to Feeding America

Goya’s products provide excellent meat-free protein sources that can be incorporated into countless meals that are perfect for Meatless Monday.

As added incentive, the donations made by Goya will be in the name of Goya’s retail partners, including the many supermarkets across the country that sell Goya products. The “Can Do” campaign hopes to donate no less than 600,000 pounds of food to food banks, families and individuals throughout its year-long run.

If you want to be part of a great cause, join Meatless Monday in Goya’s “Can Do” campaign and help fight hunger across the nation! This month’s product, vegan refried beans, is the star of this great recipe:

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