Meatless Monday
Staff Picks

December 22nd, 2014

What’s the Meatless Monday team cooking up at home? These cookbook titles will give you a glimpse into their kitchens. You might just like to pick one up for yourself, or as last minute gift idea.

fast_titled “Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian are the encyclopedias of my kitchen and this new installment, How to Cook Everything Fast, will surely be joining them on my cookbook shelf. What I love most about the book is the way Bittman incorporates the preparation steps right into the recipe. Although most recipes leave out the prep for brevity, it’s an essential part of cooking and incredibly important to grasp if you’re just learning to cook at home.”-Diana K. Rice, RD, Registered Dietitian & PR Associate
goodcheap_titled “This book was written by a woman named Leanne Brown, who was really bothered by the fact that Americans on a tight budget found themselves restricted to eating fast and processed foods. So she created this well-designed cookbook with really delicious recipes that can be made for just $4 a day, the budget for someone typically in the SNAP program. The recipes are actually really delicious, the book itself is beautiful, and you can download it for free.”-Rachelle Reeder, MPH, Program & Research Associate
familycooks_titled “The Family Cooks is Laurie David’s follow-up to her first book on family meals, The Family Dinner. While both books are packed with deliciously easy family dinner options, I love that The Family Cooks also includes content on the value of cooking with your kids and designates child-appropriate steps with a special icon. The introduction also includes general cooking tips and strategies to combat picky eating and constant snacking, plus the book contains enough meatless recipes to turn you Meatless Mondays into Kids Cook Mondays, too!-Diana K. Rice, RD, Registered Dietitian & PR Associate
isa_titled “With her newest cookbook Isa Chandra Moskowitz once again proves that you can eat vegan meals without sacrificing flavor or spending hours in the kitchen. The recipes in Isa Does It are all so mouthwatering, you’ll want to try them all. But I recommend starting with the Puffy Pillow Pancakes – one bite and you’ll be sold.”-Vanessa Protass, Associate Director, Marketing
ancient_titled “My favorite is Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen. Most of the recipes are plant-based and vegetarian. The dishes are simple and tasty. The book has helped me explore new tastes and try new vegetables. For example, I bought and prepared daikon radish for the first time last week. Also, the book contains interesting stories about the ancient Chinese medicine and culture behind each ingredient and dish.”-Emily Oppenheimer, Program Assistant
farm_titled “In America Farm to Table, Mario Batali highlights not only the importance of the ingredient, but the importance of the small farmer and the farmer’s relationship with the land. It’s a book that offers a lot more than recipes, it might just enliven your relationship with food.”-Steven Good, Copywriter
ohsheglow_titled “This beautiful cookbook is from Angela Liddon, the talented blogger behind All of the recipes are vegan and feature wholesome ingredients, making them perfect for not only Meatless Monday but any day of the week!” -Vanessa Protass, Associate Director, Marketing
betterhomes_titled “Best all-around basic recipe book for people just trying to get into the cooking habit.”
-Morgan L. Johnson, MPH, Program Development and Research Director
skinny_titled “This one is for any skeptics of vegan baking. I made the Vanilla Chai Cupcakes last weekend with a friend. Not only did they taste amazing, but they were also surprisingly easy to make!” -Vanessa Protass, Associate Director, Marketing