Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Goes Meatless Monday

August 25th, 2014

The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, founded in 1974, has about 700 full-time students at any given time. Students pursue educational tracks such as in the visual arts from fine art, to interior architecture and design, to photography, print, and sculpture. And now they are offering a new “course” in healthy eating.

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design will launch their Meatless Monday campaign to start off the 2014 fall semester. To mark the occasion we put a few questions to Ricky Heldt, Associate Director of Student Services at MIAD.

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Meatless Monday: What made you decide to launch MM at MIAD? Is this the first time you’re doing MM?

Ricky Heldt: We decided to launch Meatless Mondays at MIAD because we offer meatless options at every meal. We thought, why not encourage more people to try the meatless options, and then share the health benefits and reasons for going meatless.

MM: How was the Meatless Monday menu developed? Who’s the foodservice provider?

Meatless Monday was developed organically, as we have been offering meatless options for many years. We have many students who are vegan or vegetarian, and want to cater to their dietary needs as well. We operate our own boutique food service on campus, including catering at on-site gallery events.

MM: Will you feature MM specials every Monday, while keeping meat dishes for those who don’t want to go meatless?

RH: Yes, we will feature MM every Monday, and we plan on continuing our practice of offering both meatless and meat options for every meal.

MM: What is the actual date of your MM launch?

RH: The first day of classes for the Fall 2014 Semester is Monday, August 25, and that will also be our MM launch.