MM Rising – 18% of Homes Join the Movement

April 11th, 2011

Recent research by the Food Marketing Institute discovered that Meatless Monday is now a mainstay in 18% of households! Survey participants said that they were having Meatless Monday meals as part of their personal healthy eating strategy. Overall, the connection between health and diet was understood by participants, with an astounding 74% saying that they have meatless meals either occasionally or regularly in an effort to reduce their risk of chronic disease.

The FMI report also noted that many people are cutting back on meat to save money. 46% of people said that they are purchasing less meat to help their budget. Additionally, the majority (61%) of those who were made “significantly less” money this year were skipping meat to trim their grocery bill.

These finding show that the movement has taken off! Across the country families are realizing that Meatless Mondays are the perfect opportunity to have a delicious, wholesome meal while cutting back on spending. For more reasons why you should adopt Meatless Mondays in your household, take a look at the health and environmental benefits; or simply check out this week’s recipes!