Oakland Schools Go MM

May 17th, 2010

Schools across the country are using Meatless Monday to educate students about the importance of a balanced diet and healthy habits. Oakland Unified School District in California has just joined the growing movement by bringing Meatless Monday to all 85 of their elementary and middle schools!

Oakland Unified School District serves 28,000 K-8 students daily. 66% of children in the district qualify for free or reduced school lunch. OUSD implemented Meatless Monday so that these students might be exposed to a more diverse diet. Meatless Monday lunches ensure that students learn about “new and exciting entrees and side dishes, which feature beans, milk, whole grains, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.’

OUSD encourages a healthy diet in other ways too. Each school serves fresh produce at breakfast and lunch. The district also holds weekly farmers markets and cooking classes, so students can take their healthy habits home. Students and staff alike love the changes! According to ABC, Meatless Monday has been a “real hit’ with Oakland’s kids. And principals report that the new, nutritious school lunches help students remain settled and focused in their afternoon classes.

We at Meatless Monday congratulate Oakland Unified School District for their commitment to a healthy future for out nation’s children!