Oprah Offers Meatless Monday at Harpo Studios

February 1st, 2011

Oprah has teamed up with food experts Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston to encourage her viewers to make conscientious, healthful decisions about the food on their plates. On her Vegan Challenge episode, Oprah and 378 of her staff members highlighted the positive effects and wide array of options available with a plant-based diet. To further encourage healthy choices, Oprah enthusiastically instituted Meatless Mondays at Harpo studios.

Oprah celebrates her decision to bring Meatless Monday to Harpo staff.

During the show, activist and author Michael Pollan shared that “75% of healthcare spending is on chronic diseases associated with diet”. He went on to praise initiatives that challenge Americans to think before they bite, saying “anything that makes us become more conscious about what we eat is the first step”. Oprah decided to offer Meatless Monday meals to encourage her staff to do just that; when her producer suggested that Harpo “join the movement”, Oprah wholeheartedly replied “we should totally do Meatless Monday! Although people who want to eat meat certainly have the freedom to do that.” She followed with a celebratory Meatless Monday cheer.

Oprah went on to encourage millions of Americans to give Meatless Monday a try. The campaign is easy and budget friendly “so Meatless Monday is something you can do at home with your family if you choose”. Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston concurred that Meatless Mondays are a fantastic way to raise awareness and make healthier choices. Pollan also agreed with Oprah that the campaign highlights choice and moderation, noting that he still enjoys eating meat a couple of times a week.

So follow Oprah’s lead and “lean into being more conscious about what you’re eating” with a Meatless Monday! For more information on the episode go to Oprah.com, or watch the Meatless Monday clip with Oprah and Kathy Freston.