Restaurant Roundup: Dine Out for Meatless Monday!

May 14th, 2018

It’s fun for the whole family to cook a Meatless Monday meal together. But it’s a treat to take the night off and visit one of the many restaurants offering Meatless Monday. Going out to eat introduces you to a chef’s view on meatless options and can also spark some new recipe ideas for a home cook. These restaurants prove skipping meat just once a week is a delicious and sustainable choice.


Tampa’s Datz began as a deli and has evolved into an eclectic offering of “comfort food with flair.” An award-winning restaurant, it has been featured on Good Morning America, Travel Channel, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and FYI. Now, Datz has Meatless Monday options on the menu.

From Datz Executive Chef James Williams, “There’s no reason that veg food can’t be delicious and fun. We serve our Hemp-mus – made with hemp hearts – every day including Mondays. It’s unique and a healthier option for the veg-head looking for more interesting items. We joke, but it’s all ‘cool beans, man.’”

The Hummus & Pita Co.

Hummus is a classic choice for a meatless source of protein. The Hummus & Pita Co. makes a meal of it! For people looking for a Meatless Monday lunch or a quick dinner, they offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, and platters with hummus as the main attraction. They even have three kinds of dessert hummus! With locations in NYC, The Hummus & Pita Co. is coming soon to Danbury, CT and Denver, CO. Stop by for a Middle Eastern Meatless Monday experience.

Le Coq Rico

The NYC restaurant, famous for its poultry offerings, now offers a Meatless Monday option for diners who choose to forego meat.  Chef Antoine Westermann is very focused on sustainability and has added Meatless Monday as part of his philosophy. Le Coq Rico recently launched Meatless Monday in its New York location, featuring a vegetarian dish as its “Plats du Jour” every Monday. They hope to bring Meatless Monday to Paris soon.

Ladle of Love

Leslie Lampert, who owns both Ladle of Love and Café of Love in Mount Kisco, New York, created a meatless soup especially for Bedford 2020, a community-driven effort to reduce carbon emissions in Bedford, New York by 20%. She told Westchester Magazine, “Anything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint is beneficial and healthful to the planet.”

Pure Eatery

This Indiana spot has been offering plant-based options in the form of tacos, bowls, and burgers including the famous Impossible Burger. Now, they have officially joined the global Meatless Monday campaign. In addition to being meatless, Pure Eatery also offers items that are dairy and gluten-free.

Primoz Pizza

Primoz Pizza in Cleveland, Ohio, offers 20% off all signature vegan and vegetarian pizzas and strombolis each Meatless Monday. Customers are encouraged to help Primoz Pizza fulfill their commitment to public health and global sustainability by choosing vegan and vegetarian toppings, now permanently offered on the menu. If you live within a 5-mile radius, you can also have your Meatless Monday order delivered to your door.

If there is a restaurant in your area offering Meatless Monday specials, we want to know! We’d love to feature them and their delicious meat-free dishes on our social media network.

If you own a restaurant and want to bring Meatless Monday menu choices to your customers, contact us for more information and download our restaurant implementation guide!