Study Says: Lose Meat to Lose Weight

August 2nd, 2010

Lighten up with Meatless Monday!!Recent findings from Imperial College London have given us another healthy reason to have a Meatless Monday. A five year study of over 370,000 Europeans found that meat consumption can help pack on the pounds. Even moderate changes in diet can increase one’s chances of maintaining a healthy weight over the course of their lifetime.

The study looked at men and women of all ages and physical activity levels in 10 different countries. It found that those who ate more processed meat, chicken and red meat gained an additional 4.4 pound over five years, even though they weren’t eating any extra calories! These extra pounds can easily add up over a lifetime, and can even lead to obesity and related health concerns.

Thankfully, this weight gain can easily be prevented; just cut back on meat consumption by a half pound per day- or 3.5 pounds per week. By having a Meatless Monday, you can take a huge step towards aligning your intake with healthy standards and maintaining your weight. What’s more, you’ll reduce your risk of the chronic preventable diseases that are associated with obesity (like diabetes) and saturated fat intake (like heart disease and stroke)! It’s no wonder then that famed Fox Doctor Isadore Rosenfeld recently praised Meatless Monday as a way to alleviate weight gain and related complications.

So go meatless this Monday! Not only will your body thank you, but with our fantastic meatless recipes, your taste buds will too!