US News and Report
Gives a Nod to
Meatless Monday

August 11th, 2014

Many flock to popular social media outlet, Pinterest, for the latest and greatest from fashion to food.  And according to US News and World Report, the platform can also be useful in budgeting, saving, organizing, and generating DIY or meal ideas.

When it’s used to curate and search Meatless Monday recipes, well then it’s satisfying a few of the benefits that U.S. News and World Report highlighted. Their recent article featured the Meatless Monday Pinterest Board as a means of organizing and meal planning—to help protect against unused leftovers or an improvised meal of fast food.

But we’d be remiss not to add that eating more vegetable proteins instead of meat is usually a money saver as well. And the Meatless Monday Pinterest page is an excellent source of deliciousness, featuring meatless recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinners—and many variations on chili, tacos, pizza, mushrooms and more.

There is a lot there. So we enlisted our Associate Director of Marketing to help pick out a few highlights. Here is what she suggested:




The MM Blogger Board—this board features over 80 Meatless Monday bloggers cooking, creating, and contributing recipes. So it’s eclectic, plentiful, and great place to browse. Here you’ll find a range of meatless recipes from main courses and sides to dips and desserts.



The MM Meat Makeovers—this board is a great place for everyone who has grown accustomed to having meat in the center of the plate. Here you’ll find crab-less crab cakes, vegan po’ boys, and meatless meatloaf or meatless meatballs.



The MM Mushroom Lovers Board
—this board features the versatile and umami-rich mushroom. The board is the love child of Meatless Monday and our partners at the Mushroom Council. Did you know that September is National Mushroom Month? Don’t forget to mark your calendar.



The MM Summer Cookout Board
—this board demonstrates that there is more to a summer cookout than hot dogs, hamburgers, and steaks. Here you’ll find alternatives to the usual (meat) suspects of cookouts, and you’ll also see some terrific vegetable centered sides.



The MM E-Cookbooks
—the Meatless Monday E-Cook Books are an absolute favorite. Here you’ll find a wide range of recipes. And you’ll get to rub shoulders with some excellent chefs. Contributors include: Mario Batali, Matteo Bergamini, Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feniger, and John Fraser—just to name a few.