Meatless Monday Restaurant FAQs

Restaurants interested in promoting Meatless Monday often have questions about what Meatless Monday can do for their businesses, what they should serve, how to market their program, and how to design their menu. We’ve put together answers to the most-frequently asked questions to help your business get started.

Why should I run Meatless Monday in my restaurant?

Participating in Meatless Monday can increase business, reduce costs, and show the public your commitment to public health and the health of the planet. A recent online survey showed that 66% of survey respondents would “absolutely” go to a restaurant that offers Meatless Monday options and bring their friends. Some of the other benefits to being a part of the global movement include:

– Driving customers to your business on a typically slow day

– Showcasing your chef’s recipes and cooking style in meatless dishes

– Generating press coverage and social media buzz

Do I need to take meat off my menu for Meatless Monday?

No! Many participating restaurants simply include Meatless Monday specials or highlight the meatless dishes they already offer.

Is there any cost to participating in Meatless Monday?

There is no cost or licensing agreement to use Meatless Monday resources and logos. We chose to make this program as easy as possible to participate in. If there’s a way we can be even more user friendly, please let us know! Click here to contact us.

What are some different ways that I can run Meatless Monday in my restaurant?

There are many ways to personalize Meatless Monday for your business. Choose and test which ways work best for your team and customers such as:

– Highlight vegetarian dishes (while keeping meat dishes on your menu).

– Add vegetarian dishes as Monday-only specials.

– Create your own Meatless Monday tasting menu.

– Build promotions around Meatless Monday (e.g. buy one Meatless Monday meal, get one free).

– Educate your wait staff on how to recommend Meatless Monday to customers based on the benefits to personal health and the health of the planet.

– Design your own approach with help from the Meatless Monday team. Click here to contact us.

Do I need to create a separate menu for Meatless Monday?

No! Meatless Monday is flexible. Restaurants participating in the program have used a range of promotions from highlighting existing meatless menu items to creating entirely new menus with wine pairings. We’ll help you get started and share examples of what has worked in the past for other participants.

How do I run a successful social media promotion to increase Meatless Monday traffic to my restaurant?

Use your social media accounts to promote Meatless Monday in your restaurant. Here are some ideas for posts:

– Post photos of the fruits, vegetables, or dishes you’re preparing.

– Share recipes for dishes you’ll be showcasing.

– Use the hashtag #MeatlessMonday and tag @MeatlessMonday in your posts (we love sharing them through our social media).

– If you’d like help setting up your campaign, let us know. We can share examples and further tips. Click here for examples of successful campaigns.

Am I allowed to use the Meatless Monday logo for marketing and promotion at my restaurant?

Absolutely! The Meatless Monday logo and promotional resources are all free for participants to download, print, and use. You can adjust our resources by adding your logo, or add the Meatless Monday logo to your existing menu/materials. Click here for free resources.

Do you offer resources such as table tents, signs, or wait staff talking points?

Yes we do! All of our Meatless Monday resources are free and available on our site to download, print and use. If you have ideas for other resources, let us know. Click here for free resources.

What other restaurants and chefs support Meatless Monday?

Chefs like Marcus Samuelsson and restaurants including Dos Caminos and Almond have already joined the movement and demonstrated how it benefits their businesses and delights their customers. Click here to see a list of restaurants already participating in Meatless Monday or here to learn more about chefs who have joined the movement.

Do you have examples of Meatless Monday menus and specials?

Yes! Click here to see real examples of Meatless Monday menus on Pinterest. Click here to see Meatless Monday specials that have been highlighted in participating restaurants.