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Heart-y Artichokes, Green Beans, and Leeks

Artichoke hearts, leeks, and green beans are roasted in the oven to a crispy perfection and are then topped with a sprinkling of pistachios and pomegranate seeds. With such a combination of flavors and textures, no two bites will ever be the same.

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Italian White Beans with Kale

As fall approaches, summer salads give way to hearty cooked dishes. This bean and kale dish, served over a bed of warm polenta, is just the thing to serve for supper as cooler weather moves in.

This recipe comes to us from Patrice of Circle B Kitchen.

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Stir Fry Spicy Green Beans

Spice up a side of green beans by stir frying them with garlic and chili sauce. Parboiling the beans helps keep them crunchy and green when stir fried.

This recipe comes to us from Easy Cooking with Molly.

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New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

There’s nothing better than the simplicity of red beans and rice- a staple dish found throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This plant-based version stews kidney beans with onion, carrot and cayenne pepper, served atop a bed of brown rice

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Sesame Tempeh with Green Beans

Hearty tempeh is infused with tamari and topped with crunchy sesame seeds in this crowd pleaser. Green beans, onions and cherry tomatoes are spiced with ginger and garlic to round out this veggie medley

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Mashed Plantain with Red Beans

Green plantains are boiled then spiced with onion, turmeric and cilantro in this Caribbean breakfast. Red beans are seasoned with garlic and cumin for a savory contrast to the plantains and fresh pea shoots top the dish to add a touch of springtime

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Thai Tempeh Balls with Green Beans

Tempeh is transformed into delectable balls spiced with leek, garlic, cilantro, chili, ginger and lime juice. These Thai spiced tempeh balls are balanced by a miso apple lemongrass glaze and finished with green beans and a sprinkling of sesame seeds

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Mediterranean Brussels & Beans

Dress up winter’s favorite miniature cabbage with sweet sun-dried tomatoes and protein-packed cannellini beans. Feta cheese and thyme lend Mediterranean flavors to this simple dish. This recipe comes to us from Sarah of So Hungry I Could Blog.

Serves 2

15 medium-large Brussels sprouts olive oil sea salt or kosher salt 1

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Peanut Butter Chili with Pinto Beans

This hearty chili features a protein-packed secret ingredient…peanut butter! Give it a shot, you’ll be surprised with the rich flavor it offers

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Eat Your Beans: United Nations Declares 2016 the International Year of Pulses

The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. But what is a pulse, and why focus on them in 2016?

‘Pulses’ are a specific group of foods including lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas.

This food group is consumed regularly around the world in a huge variety of cultural cuisines. Using the slogan

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Celebrate Mardi Gras
with a NOLA Favorite,
Red Beans and Rice

Tomorrow marks Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, a traditional day of frenzied indulgence before the fasting season of Lent. Millions of households around the country observe Lent every year, abstaining from meats, treats and other luxury items in a gesture of self-denial that goes back millennia.

And what better way to prepare for tomorrow’s

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Explore a World of Healthy Flavors this Monday with Beans

Beans are a protein-packed, affordable staple that can benefit your health and reduce your environmental impact. Add a little variety to your diet this week by sampling one of our international legume dishes

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Beans and Barley Winter Soup

This recipe comes to us from our friends at the Meatless Monday movement in Croatia.





250 g dry beans 100 g barley 1 onion 100 g carrots 100 g root celery olive oil rosemary parsley salt and pepper to taste

Sauté onion, carrots, and root celery in olive oil.

Add rosemary

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